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The Team

Meet the East on Media Team

Meet our leadership team, between us we have experience in every element of this dynamic and fast evolving industry.

Darryl EastonManaging Director

Darryl is annoyingly motivated even by our standards and is known to run 10ks and do a few hours work before breakfast, then complain it's already nine am. Self-effacing and modest by nature, Darryl's CV is not. It includes the Merchant Navy, Royal Navy, a post graduate in engineering, and an impressive list of successful companies. He also dabbles in triathlons, pig breeding, sailing, wine collecting ... even though he doesn't drink, has a season ticket for Harlequins Rugby, and is a cricket player & fan. He intensely dislikes the limelight but has become known as a trusted provider at the top of the UK broadcasting world and an easily recognised name and face in some of the industry's most high profile and ambitious projects. Darryl also loves The Archers and makes a mean Strawberry jam.

Hayley WhiteOperations Director

Hayley discovered her love of live music when she snuck into a festival aged 16 to watch Prodigy and has been hitting the festival scene (legitimately) ever since. For the last decade she has been putting the same kind of energy into hard-hitting customer service with an emphasis on conceptual problem solving.

"I don't believe in slapping a band-aid on a problem and hoping it goes away. It is a big part of my work to dig out the root causes of issues and implement processes to fix them permanently."

Fernanda ScholzInterior Design Scholz

Our creative dynamo, Fernanda has an architecture degree plus a Master’s in interior design. So when it comes to translating our clients’ visions into reality via photo-realistic 3D visuals, she’s definitely our go-to person. She’s also the queen of both the barbecue and the cocktail bar, with a caipirinha being her speciality.
A keen athlete who ran her first half marathon this year and was once judo vice champion in her home state in Brazil, Fernanda tells us that she’ll quit the gym once she achieves her first pull up but somehow, we don’t believe her…
With experience honed across residential and commercial projects, Fernanda says, “the opportunity to work with the East On team with their fabulous breadth of client projects was too good to pass up. I’m looking forward to helping to design some inspirational workplaces”.

Adam WalklettProject Manager

Adept at putting his project management abilities into all aspects of his life, Adam is a on a mission to learn new skills at every turn. A lover of discovering new cultures, he once even moved to Paris for a year to immerse himself in the culture and learn to converse like a Parisian. We’ve heard he’ll work extra hard for a baguette but that’s not been confirmed.
A veteran of many Design and Build projects across the UK (and yes, also in France), Adam brings his vast experience to every scheme, with a special nod to his engineering training. If all this wasn’t enough, he’s also a bit of an outdoor action man, listing paddleboarding and hiking amongst his many interests, not to mention his recent foray into yoga.

Rupert EastonEngineering Consultant

A chip off the old block, Rupert is an accomplished triathlete obsessed with stats…especially those that indicate he’s beating his Old Man. With a background in mechanical engineering, he has expanded into the marine sector, specialising in international subsea cable operations. The only thing he’s more passionate about than triathlon stats is creating innovative solutions that ensure his teams focus on the most vital facets of a project, cutting down on budget and time.

"I am passionate about finding out of the box solutions when problem solving and not being afraid to challenge ideas. I also really like to run, cycle and swim. And win."