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Our Services

Services crafted by experience to complete the job

Our services have been honed by hard-earned experience, working with some of the world’s leading broadcasters. We combine this with long-term partnerships alongside the finest tech and artisan companies available in the UK.

Media studio
design & build

East On Media Solutions craft our designs to encompass every corner of your workspace with the finest tech available, and every workstation a finely tuned launchpad of utility. As standard we also provide a detailed study of workplace dynamics and how best to make it work in a hard-edged media environment. Then we build it, light it, furnish and brand it. All you have to do is ceremoniously switch it on (ideally with a pop of champagne corks).

Project Management from start to finish

From initial design to last lick of paint, our clients have the assurance of highly qualified project management. We understand that complex projects in this competitive field are about more than just technological and construction skills. It’s about communication and consultation with every step budgeted and planned, and more than anything, it’s about trust. You will quickly be on first name terms with our project managers because they are always there for you, 24/7.

Audio Visual and Studio Solutions

Advanced technology that takes control and monitoring to another level. Engineers in our bespoke studios are able to instantly understand the status of end points, allowing on-air decision-making.

Graphic User Interfaces on every desk. Real time edit systems, media management, vision and audio mixers and multi viewers. A seamless transition from analogue to digital comms on all formats. Training and support.

Every system is built to last and adapt, fully backed up, and every control panel designed for work-flow and ease of use, installed and ready to start.

“From start to finish, the East On team delivered exactly what they promised, totally understanding the brief, leading the project and delivering a transformed office environment. They managed every aspect of the project and worked well with our company stakeholders.”


Full transition from analogue to digital

This vital transition has become a speciality, and an ever-welcome challenge. Our recent work at ITN allowed us to entirely strip out the old HD-SDI infrastructure and install, calibrate and begin operating a highly advanced digital replacement. This facilitates instantaneous links to news stories or sports anywhere, plus high-end broadcast control and monitoring and powerful, customised interfaces.

Consultancy for all aspects

We are in this for the long term. Once East On Media is done with our Design and Build, we don’t disappear. Our expertise remains at your disposal for upgrades and advice.

We provide a wide-ranging consultancy service to keep your operation at the very edge of technological advancement and international communication, and even if we haven’t built your studios, we offer the same comprehensive expertise.

Branded graphics
& Hoarding

Emphatic branding is the identity of a successful company. Whether you require it to be hard-hitting or subtle we have the graphic artists and artisans to make it pop.

“It’s been a delight to work with a team who not only totally understand the unique requirements of UCU but produce outstanding work and innovative solutions whenever I present them with new challenges.”