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East On Projects becomes an Employee Ownership Trust

East On Projects becomes an Employee Ownership Trust

East On Media Solutions, Design and Build specialists for the Broadcast and Post sector, has announced that it has transitioned to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), via its parent company, East On Projects.

Owner Darryl Easton is known for delivering complex solutions to the UK production industry and has seen dramatic business growth in the past four years. The move to an EOT ensures that the company’s workforce becomes not just employees but owners, fostering a shared sense of responsibility whilst securing the long-term growth of the business.

This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to its employees, clients, and the sustainable growth of the business.
Key benefits of East On Projects becoming an Employee Ownership Trust include:

1. Enhanced Client Relationships: Clients can expect an even more dedicated and motivated team, as employees are now vested in the success of East On Projects. This transition reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service, fostering stronger client relationships, and ensuring the continued success of projects.

2. Employee Empowerment: Every member of the East On Projects team will now have a stake in the company’s success. This fosters a sense of pride, motivation, and commitment among the workforce, resulting in enhanced productivity and a collaborative working environment.

3. Long-Term Stability: The transition to an EOT aligns with East On Projects’ commitment to long-term stability. By engaging employees as stakeholders, the company is reinforcing its dedication to building a sustainable and resilient business for the benefit of all involved parties.

4. Continuity and Succession Planning: By distributing ownership among employees, East On Projects is securing a smooth transition of leadership over the long term, ensuring the company’s continued success for years to come.

Darryl Easton, Founder of the East On Projects group, commented on the transition, saying, “We are excited about this move to an Employee Ownership Trust. This decision is a testament to our belief in the collective strength of our team. We are confident that this transition will not only empower our employees but also strengthen our relationships with clients, driving us towards even greater success.”